Simple Salon has been online since the beginning of time, well so it seems anyway. Believe it or not, there was a time when the word ‘online’ was seldom used. During this ancient era, despite the rarity of the phenomenon, over in Simple Salon land ‘online’ was the foundation for that which was being built. We were ahead of our time then, and we still are.

There is so much to gain when you go online. Go on, go online. You’ll gain flexibility, control, mobility and power. Manage your business from anywhere, anytime.

Go with us for a moment… you’re away, let’s go somewhere far away. Perhaps the beautiful beaches along the Amalfi Coast of Italy? Perfect. You’re on the other side of the world enjoying the sights and sounds. You’re loving the fact that you have some time to switch off and enjoy the holiday, but there might come a time when you need to touch base with the business. With Simple Salon you don’t even need to leave the beach for this. Simply jump online and in a matter of moments you’ll see everything, just as if you were back in the salon standing at the front counter. At your convenience, manage your appointment book, check your reports, view operator performance, see exactly how much the salon has made up until that very moment, or even send out some marketing campaigns to keep business rolling in while you’re away. Manage your business at your convenience – anywhere, anytime.

You might not be as far away from the salon as Italy, you might simply be at home or down the street. Either way, with Simple Salon you have the flexibility to be able to manage your business from wherever you choose to be.

Going online is secure. Your Simple Salon account is password protected with numerous levels of customisable security. As an administrator, you have access to everything, anywhere, anytime, from any device. As for your staff, they can be set up with staff user access to ensure that they have what they need for their day to day operations.

Go online – you’ve got nothing to loose. If your internet ‘goes down’, simply login using any other computer, device or smartphone. Smartphones connect to the phone network’s internet, therefore in the event that you have no wifi, simply log into your Simple Salon account on your iPhone, iPad or android device. All your data is backed up every moment of the day, so you will never loose a thing.

You too can have your business world at your finger tips anywhere, anytime.

Go on… go online with Simple Salon.


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It’s an image from one of your recent shoots featuring your salon’s incredibly talented stylist who has mastered the art of the Splashlight hair colour concept. London was doing it first, but the majority of your followers are seeing for the first time on your business Facebook page – that’s so on trend. The photo is the best way to display your work. The shades of colour are lit up perfectly to capture all the details of your creativity. You are selling the dream, and that’s what it’s all about. Get socially sorted with Simple Salon and connect with your clients via your social media platforms.

Simple Salon launches your social butterfly into the air. It connects you with your clients’ Facebook profiles so that you can invite them to like your business page. Use Simple Salon to build your audience, and use social media to give them what they want visually. Society is being conditioned to need constant updates of fresh information and people have become consumers of everything, including consumers of information.

Photos and posts on your business Facebook page not only shows off your talents, but it gives your creativity and originality a context. Followers get to see a more complete picture of what you are capable of. Instil in your followers inspiration, and encourage the idea that you can make their appearance aspirations happen.

Simple Salon keeps you social. Simply go to a client’s profile in your Simple Salon account and in the Actions menu hit Facebook. Simple Salon will look up the client in Facebook so that you can invite them to ‘Like’ your page. Get into the habit of doing this at the end of each day or week – the sooner after the client’s visit, the better. When your salon is fresh in their mind they are more likely to accept the invitation to ‘Like’ your page. Use Simple Salon to build your social audience.


Encouraging client retention and increasing rebook rates is paramount for a successful and profitable salon.

A key part of client retention is exceptional customer service. It’s widely recognised (via salon feedback and surveys) that the reason most clients leave or do not return after their first appointment, is largely attributed to client satisfaction and customer service. It’s generally not higher prices that deter clients from rebooking. Most people are happy to pay for a quality service that produces a result that makes them feel special, pampered and looking their best.

So whilst you provide the customer with a memorable salon experience, Simple Salon provides the client retention and marketing functionality that works hand in hand to effectively retain your clients and keep them on a regular appointment schedule.

Let’s take a look at the clients who have come in, but have not rebooked and who do not have any future appointments. We want to encourage them to rebook and entice them back to the salon for another pampering experience.

The Simple Salon Marketing function makes this really easy.

Simply click here to find out more, and see why Simple Salon is not only an essential business tool for the day to day running of your salon but also an amazing marketing machine!

This is the final installment in our four part series titled “Use Simple Salon to Grow Your Business”.

Stay tuned for more handy hints, updated features and exciting developments!

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Knowledge is power. Your growth potential increases when you are equipped with the facts about your business. The Simple Salon Dashboard and Benchmarking tracks and records performance facts so that you know exactly where your business stands. With this kind of knowledge you can implement fresh strategies and set in motion some effective marketing to make your business more profitable.

Simple Salon positions you for success.

The Simple Salon Dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of how much your salon has made in real time for the current day, the current week/month, or the last week/month. By checking in with your Simple Salon Dashboard on a regular basis, you learn your sales trends and in turn become better at putting the analysis to good work. Simply take a quick look at how your salon performed this month in comparison to last month. Perhaps you sent out a promotional email at the beginning of this month and you want to measure the increase in sales revenue this month, compared to last month when there was no promotion. At a glance, measure how effective your marketing email was. Use the facts to better your marketing technique – what works and what doesn’t work. This is how you grow your business.

The Simple Salon Benchmarking shows you where you stand in comparison to other salons of your size. There’s nothing quite like a spot of healthy competition to keep your business on its toes. Your salon’s performance is measured against other salons to help you set realistic performance expectations and identify areas of opportunity. Benchmarking gives you a powerful perspective. You already have a good feel for how your business in going, but benchmarking will give you the facts to confirm these assumptions. It is the facts and numbers which will propel you to action. If you see that your business is under performing, no worries. When you use the powerful Simple Salon Marketing it won’t stay that way – it just means that you have incredible potential at your finger tips. Soon your business will be batting way above the average.

Click here to learn how to use the Simple Salon Dashboard and click here to understand how to use the Simple Salon Benchmarking.

The Simple Salon business series — “Use Simple Salon to Grow Your Business” has one more part to go! Stay turned for “Part 4. Marketing – Keep your customers coming back for more.”

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Every salon wants new customers, but don’t forget that your easiest and most predictable source of new revenue is right under your nose: It comes from the loyal customers who already know and use your services.

Acquiring new customers is expensive. It’s generally recognised as five to ten times the cost of retaining an existing customer. Also the average spend of a repeat customer is generally significantly higher, up to 67 percent more than a new customer.

Knowing all this, Simple Salon helps your capitalise and increase your revenue the smart way! Helping you to retain your existing clients, entice them back or market additional services and products you think they may be interested in.

You can achieve this by effectively utilising the marketing functionality in Simple Salon.

The Marketing feature in Simple Salon makes it easy to create targeted promotional lists and send out large SMS and Email campaigns that get real results!

To help with your winning email or SMS promotion, we thought we’d include a few writing tips to get you started on your journey to greater salon profitability and business growth.

Tip 1 – Good preparation is key to crafting a focused email (or SMS) promotion

Every email should have one main message, one thing that you would like the reader to do. Don’t let your message get side tracked and lose its focus. Keep in mind what you intend to achieve while writing your email promotion or SMS. Also a catchy title or heading is what initially attracts a customers attention and entices them to read further.

Tip 2 – Keep it short and sweet

You want to first capture the client’s interest and then maintain their focus, make it seem like your ‘Special Offer’ really is special. Don’t bamboozle them with all your salon has to offer, just give them what they need (or you think they may be interested in). Make it personal, like it’s a special offer just for them. This is where the Client Categories function in Simple Salon can come in handy, when trying to personalise marketing to different client segments.

Tip 3 – Call to action

You want your clients to take up the offer while it is fresh in their mind, so make the link to the next steps clearly identifiable and specify. Tell them what the next step is. If the offer is for a limited time make this clear in your message. Do they need to bring the SMS/email when they come in for their next appointment, or call the salon before such and such a date to secure the offer, or do you only have a limited numbers of packages available for this special price. Whatever you decide make it clear to the customer that is they are interested in the offer, this is what they need to do to take advantage of it.

It’s time to let Simple Salon help you start marketing the smart way. 

Incorporating these simple writing tips in your next marketing promotion and delivering that campaign with the help of Simple Salons marketing functionality, is the easiest way to attract clients back or increase client spend, this means increased bookings and revenue for your salon.

Click on this link here and start creating your targeted marketing list, whilst you get to work on writing your winning email or SMS.

Just another reason why Simple Salon is an essential business and marketing tool for your salon.

Look out for the next Simple Salon business series instalment – ‘Part 3. ‘Knowledge is power: Know where you stand will be released on Thursday 12th Feb.


Simple Salon makes it super convenient for you to set up your marketing with its very own “To-Do List”, with 100% confidence that the work will get done without you lifting a finger. You may have heard of the phrase Set & Forget, this is essentially all you have to do. We call it 1-Touch Marketing, set it up once and you can get back to doing what you love.

The Simple Salon 1-Touch Marketing includes various automatic message types. You can set up automatic SMS and emails to send to your new and first time clients, as well as appointment reminders and birthday messages. Each of these options are designed to generate you more business by touching base with your clients to ensure they keep coming back.

One aspect of growing your business is as simple as wishing your clients a happy birthday with a special offer, reminding them of their next appointment to make sure you’re not missing out on business, and reaching out to new and first time clients to ensure that they leave with a great first impression. This is all a part of the essentials to growing a healthy business, and the real beauty is that the system does it all for you, simple.

The convenience of automation in action: your new client came in for their first appointment and they walked out of there with that fresh new hair feeling. Its been a couple of days and they’re still loving it – in fact they haven’t washed their hair yet in an attempt to keep that “yes my hair really does look that good” look. While they’re are still enjoying your handy work, “ding ding” they receive the automated First Visit SMS message from your salon…


You’ve struck while the iron is still hot and met them where they’re at – big tick. You’ve upped the chances that Barry will indeed book his next appointment with your salon. The story doesn’t end there though. In the lead up to your client’s next appointment, the system also knows to shoot through a reminder with a ‘Reply YES’ instruction so that the client can confirm their own appointment. Throughout this process, you haven’t had to think about any of it – Simple Salon is doing it all for you on a personalised one to one basis with each client.

Learn how to set up your Simple Salon automatic 1-Touch SMS & Email Marketing via the article link below:

Stay tuned for the next Simple Salon business series instalment – ‘Part 2. Increasing business profitability with the Simple Salon Marketing feature’ will be released on Tuesday 10th Feb.

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Simple Salon is a powerful tool designed to grow your business, as well as manage your salon. It is as much an engine which powers your business growth, as it is an effective scheduling tool. When you use the Simple Salon functionality to its maximum potential, your business will become noticeably more successful.

Over the coming weeks we will be looking at the Simple Salon 4 part business series called “Use Simple Salon to Grow Your Business”. Like the name suggests, we unpack some simple, practical and effective things you can do with Simple Salon to generate more sales and expand your business.

Part 1. Just one touch: Watch your business flourish with the convenience of automation

See how the Simple Salon Automatic 1-Touch SMS & Email Marketing is powerfully designed to connect with your new clients and drive new sales.

Part 2. Increase your business profitability with the Simple Salon Marketing

Understand our basic marketing strategy designed to target existing clients. Maintain a healthy client database by connecting with all clients via promotional SMS and emails.

Part 3. Knowledge is power: Know where your business stands

Using the Simple Salon Dashboard & Benchmarking, we take a look a how your salon performed in retrospect so you can use the analysis to strategise for the future. Even compare your salons performance to other salons of a similar size.

Part 4. Have your clients coming back for more

Take your business to new levels with the powerful Simple Salon Marketing. Promote to specific client groups, like first time clients who haven’t been in since their first appointment, and keep them coming back.

Follow us over the next couple of weeks to uncover your incredible business potential with Simple Salon.

Stay tuned as “Part 1. Just one touch: Watch your business flourish with the convenience of automation” will be released on Thursday 5th February.

                                                                                                                                       Australian Flag Beach Thongs

It’s a brand new year and that’s the perfect time to get your business back on track with the best in salon management software. If you’ve been thinking about signing up but haven’t done so yet, we’d like to sweeten the deal with a very special offer.

As a proudly owned Australian company, we’re celebrating Australia Day and so can you! Sign up for your new Simple Salon account now, and get your second month absolutely FREE!!!

There is no better time to let Simple Salon help you manage, promote and grow your business to its full potential.

Don’t delay, click Australia Day Special, fill out the form and type ‘MTHFREE’ into the ‘Referral Code’ field to redeem your special offer.

Whether you are having a BBQ, catching up with friends and family or just having a well deserved rest, we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Australia Day!

NOTE: This offer is open to all new Australian and International clients that sign up before the 31st of January 2015.

It’s a new year and this one is going to be even better than the last. You’re feeling fresh, inspired and motivated to conquer all of your New Years resolutions – get fit, eat better, lose weight (again). Well, we might not be able to help you with those ones, however we can help you with the ‘get organised’ one. Activate your organisation by engaging your very own Simple Salon Personal Assistant to help you organise the salon’s appointment book.

During busy times you’re working with appointment gaps here and there and it can be tricky trying to fit in your clients – not too dissimilar from a game of Tetris. It doesn’t have to be tricky though, we have the perfect solution for you – the Appointment Wizard.

Utilise all of the available time slots to ensure that you efficiently fit in all of your clients. You want all the services, which make up a client’s booking, to flow seamlessly from one to the next.

The Wizard does all the searching for you. Enter in a few details; client name, desired operator(s), services, date and time. Press the button and there they are, all the available appointment options.

The Wizard takes into consideration operators rostered time, service duration, operator levels, trading hours, the whole lot.

Check out the Appointment Wizard article for steps on the most efficient way to book in your clients.

‘Get organised’ – you can tick that one off your list.


We know it’s busy at this time of year for our customers, and the Simple Salon team are here to support you!

The Simple Salon Support Team will be working right through the Christmas and New Year period to assist you with any enquires you may have.

The best way to contact us is by clicking the ’Submit A Request’ option located via your ‘Help and Support’ page, at the top right hand corner of your Simple Salon account.

While you are there you can also search our Knowledge Base. Type any topic into the ’Search’ field to navigate your way through our collection of articles and videos, showing you how to do anything and everything.

The Simple Salon team would like to wish you and your family all the best for the festive season and a safe and happy New Year.


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